Fees & Vacancies


Open Monday-Friday 7.30am-5.30pm, All year.

Early mornings and later evenings are available at an additional charge.

£5.00 per hour full time  (£2.50 extra for dinner per day if required)

£35 minimum daily charge for part time hours.

£5.50 per hour term time only (£2.50 extra for dinner per day if required)

£5.00 per hour during school holidays for term time children (£2.50 extra for dinner per day if required)

£15 before school care (including breakfast if needed) and drop off to school (7.30am earliest)

£20 After school care (including dinner if needed) and school pick up (5.30pm latest, further fees apply if staying later)

These are my basic fees, for more information on bank holidays, out of hours, sickness, retainers, holidays etc. Please contact me for further information.


No current vaccancy available from Jan 2020 and possible vancancy available from Aug 2020.

(this page gets updated every 6-8 weeks).

Katie Henry

 Registered Childminder    

Telephone/Text: 07582 575716