Sample Food Menu

 Breakfast (if required)

Cereal e.g. shreddies, cornflakes, rice crispies, shreaded wheat (with or without milk). Porridge.

or crumpets/toasted tea cake/toast and occasionally croissants/pancakes.

Whole pieces of fresh fruit if requested.

Morning & Afternoon snacks

Chopped fresh fruit e.g. banana, apple, orange and seasonal fruits

and bread sticks/rice cakes/toast/crackers.


Sandwich/pitta bread/wrap with a choice of fillings e.g. cheese, tuna/egg with salad cream, chicken, ham sometimes with lettuce/tomato/cucumber/sweetcorn

Houmous with chopped vegetables (and pitta bread)

Home-made pizza (made by the children)

Home-made potato salad with chicken (made by the children)

Pasta salad with tuna/chicken

Baked potato with baked beans

Pasta and meatballs

Dinner (if required)

Pasta nights:  Pasta Bake, Lasagna,  Carbonara,  Meatballs,  Spag Bol

Rice nights: Curry,  Risotto, Chilli Con Carne, Paprika Chicken , Tomato Chicken

Quick n easy nights: Steak/Sausage & Mash, Homemade Burgers, Tacos, Fajhitas/frittata, Chicken Kievs,  Soup, Fish in cheese sauce, Mac Cheese, Cauliflower cheese,  Chicken in breadcrumbs,  Pizzas, fish fingers.

Winter Warmer nights: Chicken Pie, Shephards Pie, Stew,  Roast, Braised Steak,  Pie


yoghurt or fresh fruit

Katie Henry

 Registered Childminder    

Telephone/Text: 07582 575716